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Paved Paradise

Our New Outdoor Space Project

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COVID-19 has prompted us to use outdoor spaces as much as possible.  As such, we are constructing a safe and accessible tented outdoor space for holding socially-distant prayer service and other gatherings.  Adjacent to our synagogue, this space will provide for our needs during the pandemic and offer flexible community uses that can last several years, even when the pandemic is behind us.


Our Paved Paradise Project is underway. Our fundraising goal is $250,000.

Why now?

Because there is an immediate need. We need outdoor space near our Synagogue for prayer and for activities that go to the heart of what we as a community can be doing during the pandemic and beyond. 


When will it be ready for use?

Our plan is to start using this “Paved Paradise” at the start of the New Year. Cold weather must not deter us from using safe outdoor space. Yes, we may be cold, but cold might be the price for staying safe.

UPDATE: We were able to complete enough of the work to inauguarte Paved Paradise on the 1st night of Hanukkah, December 10, 2020 and to conclude Hanukkah under the tent. We've been holdilng outdoor services on our Paved Paradise ever since.


$250,000 sounds like a lot of money. Why does it cost so much?

The base project involves securing permits, clearing, leveling, and resurfacing, and putting up the durable tent and is budgeted to cost $250,000.  If we raise more, we can add comfort and aesthetic features.

UPDATE: We have secured pledged beyond our minimum goal of $250,000 and are giving consderation to landscaping and features that will enhance our security, privacy, and aesthetics. We will need more funds to achieve those enhancements commensurate with the work we've done so far.


What if a vaccine becomes available and the pandemic crisis passes?

The space will be useful beyond the pandemic. We anticipate using it for up to five years for uses such as a sukkah, classes, youth programs, celebrations, and even rentals.

UPDATE: The vaccine is being rolled out and some of our members have been vaccinated. However, it is imperative that we all continue to heed the strictest precautions (social distancing, masks, and personal vigilance regarding symptoms and exposure). Paved Paradise will be a vital resource in keeping us safe for quite some time. 


Now we need your help.  We all benefit from making all Congregants feel comfortable coming to services, whether indoors or out, whether on a daily or weekly basis, or specifically for High Holidays. Support this critical project, even if you yourself, do not expect to be a direct beneficiary. Please click on this link and be as generous as your circumstances permit.  


We are thrilled to share that we have reached our Paved Paradise base goal of $250,000!

Join our growing list of generous contributors (see below) and help us exceed this minimum goal so that we may add amenities that will truly make this space a paradise.


Provided by


Oded Aboodi

Anita Adler

Anonymous (15) 

Mrs. Robert M. Arias

Michelle & Jonathan Aufzien

Rochelle Ausubel 

Bonnie Barest

The Bengio Family

Marc & Beth Bengualid

The Bengualid-Goldstein Family

Norman Benzaquen 

Esme & Roger Berg

Rushie and Phil Bieler 

Rabbi Meier Brueckheimer 

Doina & Dr. Larry Bryskin

Judy & Chaplain Bruce Bublick

Lucienne Carasso Bulow 

Diane & Yakov Burstein

Myrna Canter and Susan Canter

Margarita Agarsheva & Jonathan Cordeiro

The Daar Family

Ide & David Dangoor 

Cheryl & Ed Dauber

Roslyn Davis

Edward Levi Derosa 

Mrs. Evelyn H. Dragiff

Yale S. Drazin

Susan & Gerald Duci

Nancy Stern Scholem & Rabbi Moshe Edelman

Malka & Zachary Edinger

Rose & Henry Edinger 

Judi & Alan Eisenman

Cynthia Trop & Stuart Ellman

Valerie & Danny Feder

Nat Fisch 

Faith Fogelman

Beth Forman

Stephanie & Jonathan Freilich

The Frieber Family

Zoya Raynes & Robert Friedman

Roger Gerber

Judith & Sidney Gerson

Phyllis & Stanley Getzler 

Carol & Arthur Goldberg

Shelly and Anne Golombeck 

Eudice Greenfield

The Haberman Family

Rachel & Jonathan Herlands

Michele & Ike Hershman 

Greta & Eli Hirmes

Meryl Jaffe & Adam Hurwich

Suzanne & Norman Javitt

Florie & Benson Jerusalmi 

The Julis-Rabinowitz Family

Ruth Kalton

Ellen & Robert Kapito

The Kaplan/Cycowicz Family

Vicki & Sam Katz

Jerry Kestenbaum & Family 

Lois Gerald Kirsh

Jackie & Andrew Klaber

George Klein & Family

Ruth & Lawrence Kobrin 

Doris & Jonathan Konovitch

Faye & Hartley Koschitzky 

Maud & Neal Kozodoy

Morris Krimolovsky, Alene Schneierson, and Tori Krimolovsky

Aviva Lev-Ari

The Lavipour Family 

Raquel & Ian Lentnek

Joseph & Florence Levin 

Laurent Levy

Dr. Leora Mogilner & Richard Linhart

Dr. Lewis Lipsey

Dr. Susan Lobel 

Jane Shiff & Alan Lubarr

The Lustig-Brody Family

Rani & Paul Lustiger

Aviva Roumani & Ethan Mackin 

David Marks

Jonathan de Sola Mendes

Sophia Merkin 

Juan Mesa-Freydell

Judy & Albert Milstein

Ruth & Theodore Mirvis

Debbie & Sam Moed

Benjamin Nathan 

Rebecca Chaplan & David Nathan

Hillel D. Neumark

Jannah & Jacob Neumark 

Sam, Liz, and Isaac “NY Tough” Neumark

Susan & Avery Neumark

Naomi & Peter Neustadter

Hayyim Obadyah 

Carolyn & Steven Okin

Susan & Marlon Portes

Gail Propp & family

Rima Raynes

Robyn Rice 

Rebecca & Israel Rivkin

Joy & Bruce Roberts 

Rita Rodin

Mrs. Lisa & Rabbi Ira Rohde

Albert Rosenblatt

Randee & Ken Rubenstein

Laura Rubin

Debbie & David Sable

Gillian & Simon Salama-Caro

Iris H. Sasson

Sharon & Raphael Sasson

Carol & Alan Schechter

Martine & Jack Schenker 

Jonah & Carla Schein

Ivy & Martin Schildkraut 

Judith & Joel Schreiber

Esther & William Schulder

Barbara & Sassoon Shahmoon

Susan & Scott Shay

The Sherizen Family

Pearl Shifer

Judith & Marshall Siegel 

Avrumie Sieger

Luiz Carlos Barreto Silva

Genna Singer 

The Sisterhood of the Spanish & Portuguese Synagogue

Constance Shapiro

Philip Shapiro 

Barbara Herlands Smith

Suzy & Joseph Sokol

Susan & Dr. Meyer Solny

The Solomon Family

Drs. Vera & Mark Sperling 

Gale & Steven Spira

Oliver Stanton

Linda & Howard Sterling

Margo & Benjamin Suckewer

Dr. Jonathan N. Tobin

Gail & Jeff Toll

Madelene & Stan Towne

Robyn & Mark Tsesarsky 

Paula Van Gelder 

Steven Valenstein

Dr. Manuel Vazquez-Senior, MD

Rachel & Dr. David Vorchheimer

Susan & Fred Wallach

Barbara Weinstein 

Tova & Howard Weiser 

Susan & Mark Wiesen

Dr. Margo Y. Woll

Ruth Yasky

E. Zinberg

Alan H. Zwiebel

Crosby Street Synagogue

 In 1834 the congregation built a new synagogue on Crosby Street, between Broom and Spring Street.

Hebrew School History

In 1802, Meir Polonies donated $900 to fund our Hebrew School