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Congregation Shearith Israel

The Spanish & Portuguese Synagogue America's First Jewish Congregation Bem vindo ao lar Bienvenido a casa ברוכים הבאים הביתה The Spanish & Portuguese Synagogue
Congregation Shearith Israel, Sanctuary

At the Synagogue

This Week's Prayer Schedule

June 28 - July 4

 Regular midweek and shabbat services are canceled

Shabbat and Holiday Handouts

Explore our weekly Shabbat handouts. 

Summer Enrichment Potluck

Help us leverage our collective community knowledge for the benefit of all of our kids this summer!


COVID-19 Programming & Response

Although we cannot be together in person for the moment, we can continue to learn together as a community. This page will be updated...

Coronavirus Update, June 25 2020:

This week, our Synagogue Reopening Working Group and the Synagogue’s Board of Trustees approved the recommendations of the engineers and architects for commencing outdoor services on the portico.  We are planning for these small minyanim to begin sometime soon.  Please watch for instructions and announcements.  Going forward, the Working Group just vetted an extensive series of reports from the engineers and architects for how to make one or more of our internal spaces as safe as practicable for the resumption of services there.   We are proceeding with great care and caution. Your health and safety are of top priority. Please continue to follow our leadership updates, which can also be accessed at the bottom of this page. 


Until we do come back together in person- and to our friends who reside far away- we remain virtually close through our wide array of virtual programs, lectures, classes, and activities, along with the many acts of hesed that are being provided by our wonderful congregants and staff.


Check our COVID-19 webpages for all virtual programming details and resources and follow our emails for updates and reminders.




Prayer Schedule

Weekday Service Times July 5 - 8, 2020

  • Morning Services [Shahrit]

    Sunrise between 5:31-5:33am
    Read Shema before 9:16-9:17am
    Pray Amida before 10:31-10:32am
    Evening Services [Minhah & Arbit]
    Minha Amida (Minha Gedola) after 1:38pm
    Arbit Amida (Pelag HaMinha) after 6:57-6:56pm
    Sunset 8:30-8:29pm

Fast of [the Seventeenth of] Tammuz 5780 Tzom Shib`a `Asar BeTammuz - July 9, 2020

  • Thursday, July 9, 2020

    Thursday Morning
    Dawn [Fast Begins] 3:47am
    Sunrise 5:33am
    Read Shema before 9:17am
    Pray Amida before 10:32am
    Thursday Evening [Minhah & Arbit]
    Minha Amida (Minha Gedola) after 1:39pm
    [men wear tefillin for minha]
    Arbit Amida (Pelag HaMinha) after 6:56pm
    Sunset 8:29pm
    End of Fast 8:56pm
    The Fast of Tammuz commemorates thebreach of the city walls of Jerusalem as well as the destruction of the first tablets of the Ten Commandments following the sin of the Golden Calf.

Friday Daily Service Times July 10, 2020

  • Friday Morning [Shahrit]

    Sunrise 5:34am
    Read Shema before 9:18am
    Pray Amida before 10:32am
    Friday Afternoon
    Minha Amida (Minha Gedola) after 1:39pm

Shabbat Dibre Service Times July 10 - 11, 2020

  • Friday Evening

    Arbit Amida (Pelag HaMinha) after 6:56pm
    Candle Lighting 8:11pm
    Friday Sunset 8:29pm
    Sunrise 5:35am
    Read Shema before 9:18am
    Pray Amida before 10:33am
    Parashah: Pinehas
    Minha Amida (Minha Gedola) after 1:39pm
    Arbit Amida (Pelag HaMinha) after 6:55pm
    Saturday Sunset 8:28pm
    Habdalah 9:10pm
    The Three Weeks between the Fast of the 17th of Tammuz and the Fast of the 9th of Ab are a traditional period of contrition and mourning for Jerusalem and the Temple; prophetic passages of reproof and foreboding are designated as the haftarah readings on the three intervening Sabbaths. Sephardic custom is to refer to these Sabbaths by the opening words of the particular haftarah read on that day.  Shabbat Dibre is the first; its reading is the opening of the Book of Jeremiah.All three haftarot are chanted in a dirge of lament, although each ends on notes of comfort.