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Congregation Shearith Israel

The Spanish & Portuguese Synagogue America's First Jewish Congregation Bem vindo ao lar Bienvenido a casa ברוכים הבאים הביתה The Spanish & Portuguese Synagogue
Congregation Shearith Israel, Sanctuary

At the Synagogue

This Week's Prayer Schedule

November 28 - December 4

Outdoors on lawn at 8 W 70th St. and occasionally indoors. Schedule of dates and key times can be found here.

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We have cautiously resumed in-person services and are arranging them with your health, safety, and comfort in mind.

Friday Night Lights 5782

Friday, December 3

The majesty returned to the Upper West Side in 5782 with the return of Friday Night Lights Live! Hear Rabbi Solovehick...

Shabbat and Holiday Handouts

You can now access a printer-friendly version of our digital communications here.

Update November 1, 2021


We are thrilled to announce the return of RABBI SOLOVEICHIK'S FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS: IN-PERSON, FOLLOWING FRIDAY EVENING SERVICES, THE WAY IT WAS MEANT TO BE... ONLY AT SHEARITH ISRAEL. Make sure to sign up for our emails for weekly topics and service times. And do consider sponsoring a session in honor or in memory of a loved one or in appreciation for this special experience.


With very high vaccination rates among our membership and extremely low incidences of COVID-19 infection in our area, yet with a careful eye on the Delta variant, we continue to cautiously ease restrictions on our path back to "normalcy." We are adjusting our policies and activities based on the changing circumstances in consultation with our dedicated Working Group.


As the temperatures are dropping, we have started to move our prayer services inside our Main Sanctuary with greater frequency (although we continue to pray outdoors in our beautiful and spacious nextdoor pavilion, "Paved Paradise," whenever possible). Masks are required for indoor prayer services. When outdoors, vaccinated individuals may choose to wear masks or not (except for when crowds are large, and we ask everyone to put on their masks) and non-vaccinated people, including children, are required to wear masks. We have also been enjoying a range of outdoor programming including Rabbi Soloveichik’s shabbat afternoon class, Jr. Congregation, and other social and cultural activities. Registration for all services and select programs is still required and we have been collecting proof of vaccination from our members and guests.

Prayer Schedule

Hanukkah Eve of 1st Day

  • Sunday Morning

    Regular Sunday Morning Services 8:05am
    Sunday Evening
    Evening Synagogue Service
    [Minhah & Arbit] 4:15pm
    Lighting of One Hanukkah Candle
    (at home) after sunset, 4:30pm

Hanukkah 1st Day Morning

  • Monday Morning

    Monday First Day Shahrit 7:05am
    With Full Hallel & Torah Reading

Hanukkah Eve of 2nd Day & 2nd Day Morning

  • Monday Evening

    Evening Synagogue Service
    [Minhah & Arbit] 4:15pm
    Eve of Second Day of Hanukkah
    Lighting of Two Hanukkah Candles
    (at home) After Sunset, 4:30pm
    Tuesday Morning
    Tuesday Second Day Shahrit
    [Shahrit, Hallel, Torah] 7:05am

Hanukkah Eve of 3rd Day & 3rd Day Morning

  • Tuesday Evening

    Evening Synagogue Service
    [Minhah & Arbit] 4:15pm
    Eve of Third Day of Hanukkah
    Lighting of Three Hanukkah Candles
    (at home) After Sunset, 4:29pm
    Wednesday Morning
    Wednesday Third Day Shahrit
    [Shahrit, Hallel, Torah] 7:05am

Hanukkah Eve of 4th Day & 4th Day Morning

  • Wednesday Evening

    Evening Synagogue Service
    [Minhah & Arbit] 4:15pm
    Eve of Fourth Day of Hanukkah
    Lighting of Four Hanukkah Candles
    (at home) After Sunset, 4:29pm
    Thursday Morning
    Thursday Fourth Day Shahrit 7:05am
    [Shahrit, Hallel, Torah]

Hanukkah Eve of 5th Day & 5th Day Morning

  • Thursday Evening

    Evening Synagogue Service
    [Minhah & Arbit] 4:15pm
    Eve of Fifth Day of Hanukkah
    Lighting of Five Hanukkah Candles
    (at home) After Sunset, 4:29pm
    Friday Morning
    Friday Fifth Day Shahrit 7:05am
    [Shahrit, Hallel, Torah]

Shabbat Rosh Hodesh Hanukkah 5782/2021: The First Day of Two-Day Rosh Hodesh Tebeth & The 6th Day of Hanukkah

  • Friday Evening

    Light 6 Hanukkah Candles
    & Eve of Shabbat Candles 4:11pm
    Friday Evening Minhah & Arbit 4:00pm
    Friday Evening Sunset 4:29pm
    Saturday Morning
    Zemirot 8:30am
    Shahrit 9:00-11:05am
    Junior Congregation 10:30am
    Torah Reading: Mikkets-Rosh Hodesh-Hanukkah
    Gen 41:1-44:17; Num 28:9-15 & Num 7:42-47
    Haftarah: Zachariah 2:14-4:7; Isaiah 6:1 & 23;
    and I Samuel 20:18 & 42
    Saturday Afternoon & Evening
    Class 3:30pm
    Minhah & Arbit 4:05pm
    Sunset 4:28pm
    Habdalah & Light 7 Hanukkah Candles:
    after 4:55pm