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Congregation Shearith Israel

The Spanish & Portuguese Synagogue America's First Jewish Congregation Bem vindo ao lar Bienvenido a casa ברוכים הבאים הביתה The Spanish & Portuguese Synagogue
Congregation Shearith Israel, Sanctuary

At the Synagogue

Guest Scholar Rabbi J.J. Schacter

Friday, May 2, 6:45PM

Join us for a special Shabbat with one of the most respected Jewish leaders today. 

Shabbaton with S&P Sister Congregation Mikveh Israel

Friday, May 9, 4:00PM

Join Shearith Israel clergy and Rabbi Gabbai of Mikveh Israel for a Shabbaton in Philadelphia. 

Annual Spring Gala

Sunday, May 18, 5:30PM

Join us in honoring David and Rebecca Nathan as we celebrate 360 years of Jews in America on the evening of Lag L'Omer. RSVP...

Welcome to Congregation Shearith Israel, America's first Jewish congregation, founded in1654 by 23 Jews of Spanish and Portuguese descent.  Today, Jews of all backgrounds make up our welcoming, traditional community. Explore this site, and then visit the synagogue to experience the beauty and vitality of this Jewish and American treasure.

Prayer Schedule

Search For Hametz, Fast of First Born, & Eve of Passover

  • Sunday Morning, April 13

    8:00 am
    (Daily Shahrit Service)
  • Clean out, remove, destroy, or sell all leavened products by sunset, Sunday, April 13

    7:13 pm
    (Except what will be consumed Monday Morning; sale should be arranged with Rabbi Hidary if possible by Friday, April 11. For information see elsewhere on this website)
  • April 13, Sunday Evening Daily Service

    6:30 pm
    (Minhah & Arbit)
  • Search for accidentally remaining leaven, Sunday, April 13

    sometime after sunset, 7:33 pm
  • Monday, April 14, Fast of First Born begins

    at dawn, 4:53 am
    (Fast may be curtailed by attending a Siyyum)
  • Monday, April 14, Morning Service

    7:15 am
    (Fast Day Daily Shahrit)
  • Monday, April 14, Siyyum for First Born

    7:55 am
    (In synagogue's Elias Room)
  • Stop eating hametz, Monday, April 14

    by 10:44 am
  • Have all remaining hametz items destroyed or sold Monday Morning

    by 11:50 pm
    (Also have all items not usable for Passover put away by this time)
  • Monday, April 14, Eve of the First Day of Passover Evening Services

    7:15 pm
  • Eve of the First Day of Passover Candle Lighting

    Monday Evening, 7:16 pm
  • Monday Evening Sunset

    7:34 pm
  • Monday, April 14, First Haggadah (Seder)

    after 7:59 pm
  • First Evening Synagogue Communal Haggadah begins

    8:15 pm

First Day of Passover Daytime

  • Birkhot HaShahar & Zemirot

    8:15 am
  • Shahrit

    9:00 am
  • First Day of Passover Torah Reading

    after 9:45 am
  • Tikkun Hatal (Prayer for the Dew)

    11:00 am

Eve of Second Day of Passover

  • Evening Services, Tuesday April 15

    7:15 pm
    (First Day Minhah & Second Day Arbit)
  • Tuesday Evening Sunset

    7:35 pm
  • Eve of Second Day Candle Lighting

    after 8:00 pm
  • Counting of the Omer

    after 8:00 pm
  • Second Haggadah (Seder)

    after 8:00 pm
  • Second Evening Synagogue Communal Haggadah begins

    8:15 pm

Second Day of Passover Daytime

  • Wednesday Morning Birkhot HaShahar & Zemirot

    8:15 am
  • Second Day, Wednesday Morning, Shahrit

    9:00 am
  • Second Day Reading of Torah

    after 9:45 am
  • Second Day Minhah & Hol HaMoed Arbit

    7:15 pm
  • End of Yom Tob & Habdalah

    8:01 pm

Third & Fourth Days of Passover, Hol HaMoed, Thursday & Friday

  • Thursday & Friday Morning Services

    7:15 am
    Shahrit, Hallel & Musaf
  • Thursday Minhah & Arbit

    6:30 pm

Shabbat Hol HaMoed, Fifth Day of Passover

  • Friday, April 18, Candle Lighting

    before 7:21 pm
    On Eve of Sabbath light by this time
  • Friday Evening Eve of Sabbath Services

    7:15 pm
    Hol HaMoed Minhah & Eve of Sabbath Arbit
  • Friday Evening Sunset

    7:39 pm
  • Saturday, April 19, Morning Services

    8:15 am
    Birkhot HaShahar, Korbanot, & Zemirot
  • Saturday, April 19, Morning Services

    9:00 am
    Shahrit & Hallel
  • Saturday, April 19, Morning Services

    9:50 am
    Torah Reading & Musaf
  • Saturday Teen Girls' Reading of Song of Songs

    11:30 am
  • Saturday Afternoon Class

    6:15 pm
  • Saturday Evening Minhah & Arbit

    7:15 pm
  • Saturday Evening Sunset

    7:40 pm
  • Saturday Evening Habdalah

    8:18 pm