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Year of Years

In honor of our momentous 365th Anniversary, our Year of Years, a full array of celebratory programs and activities have filled our calendar, along with special publications, showcasing Shearith Israel’s unique cultural diversity and history. The year will culminate with a major unmissable Year of Years Gala.

We have marked this truly historic milestone with the following programs and celebrations:


Passover and the American Imagination (March 2018) –  Rabbi Soloveichik led a tour de force symposium with special guest, historian, Harold Holzer and a display of priceless artifacts in celebration of Shearith Israel’s vital place in American history followed by a festive luncheon honoring members, Robert Kapito and Simon Salama-Caro.


Shabbat Bereshit Luncheon (October 2018) – We honored our 5779 Hatanim and their special Year of Years initiatives:

Zachary Edinger - revitalizing and catalyzing the grassroots activities of the congregation, including existing societies, committees, and newer initiatives

Marc Wiznia - Investing in our future by strengthening our young families and youth programming


Rabbi Soloveichik’s American History Shabbat Lectures (October-November 2018) – A major standing room only 3-part lecture series on the most significant moments in American Jewish history pertaining to Shearith Israel over the last 365 years


From Recife to New York: A Shabbat Dinner with Today’s Conversos of Brazil (December, 2018) –Highlighting the unique history of our congregation and its connections to current events in Brazil, Israel, and around the world


Remembering Baghdad—Between the Tigris and the Hudson: Celebrating Iraqi Jewish Heritage at Shearith Israel  (December 2018) – This first of several events showcasing the many nationalities that made Shearith Israel their home throughout our 365 years, up until current times, focused on Shearith Israel members who emigrated from Iraq, often under the worst of circumstances, but brought their pride and rich traditions to Shearith Israel and beyond.


Remembering Baghdad Film Screenings (January-February 2019) – Screenings of two films on the roots and fate of the Jewish community of Baghdad:

Letters from Baghdad

- The Last Jews of Baghdad


Shabbat Shira Sing-Along Luncheon (January 2019) – A luncheon with our talented musical triumvirate of Hazzan Rabbi Ira Rohde, Associate Hazzan Rev. Philip L. Sherman, and Shamash Zachary Edinger, showcasing and transmitting our unique musical traditions



Commemorative Remembering Baghdad booklet, featuring Shearith Israel’s Iraqi members’ stories in their own words

Commemorative Out of Egypt booklet, featuring Shearith Israel's Egyptian members' stories in their own words

Commemorative For God and Country booklet, featuring an Honor Roll and Tribute Listing for all members who have served in the Armed Forces, going all the way back to the American Revolution

Year of Years edition of A Guide for the Perplexed: A Newcomer's Primer to Congregation Shearith Israel

Year of Years edition of Friday Night Services: A Guide to Congregation Shearith Israel’s Unique Customs


Stay tuned for more to come, culminating in our Year of Years Grand Gala!

Chatham Square Cemetery

The oldest of our extant cemeteries is known as the Chatham Square Cemetery.  It is located in Chinatown at 55 St. James Place.  The land was originally purchased in 1682 by Joseph Bueno de Mesquita. 

Uriah Phillips Levy

Uriah Phillips Levy, the first Jew to be promoted to Commodore in the United States Navy.