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 Shearith Israel Kippah

$10.  Price includes shipping and handling.


Prayer Books of the Spanish & Portuguese Tradition

Full sized prayer books are $25.50. Price includes shipping and handling.

Hardcover Daily & Sabbath Prayer Book 

Hardcover Festivals Prayer Book

Hardcover New Year Prayer Book

Hardcover Day of Atonement Prayer Book

Pocket Sized Daily & Sabbath Prayer Book ($10 each, includes shipping and handling)


Remnant of Israel: A Portrait of America's First Jewish Congregation by Rabbi Marc D. Angel, Rabbi Emeritus of Shearith Israel

$58.50. Price includes shipping and handling.

This book tells the story of individuals, a congregation, city and nation that have been deeply intertwined since our founding in 1654. It is profusely illustrated with portraits, historical documents, and ritual objects and will appeal to anyone interested in the history and culture of the Jewish people, of New York City, and of the United States.


Historic Music of the Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue:  3 CD Set  

$60. Price includes shipping and handling.

A production of the Hannah Tarry Memorial Fund of the Shearith Israel League in honor of the 350th Anniversary of the founding of Congregation Shearith Israel in New York City. Originally recorded between 1950-1960. Each volume includes program notes with Hebrew texts of the selections and English translation. 

Vol. 1. Songs for the Sabbath / Abraham Lopes Cardozo and choir; narration [in English] and Kiddush by Louis C. Gerstein (45:53 min.)
Vol. 2. The High Holy Days and festivals / David de Sola Pool, Louis C. Gerstein, Abraham Lopes Cardozo and choir (50:25 min.)
Vol. 3. Selections from the music of Congregation Shearith Israel / David de Sola Pool, Louis C. Gerstein, choir of Shearith Israel and a mixed chorale (47:05 min.).


Choral Music of Congregation Shearith Israel: 1 CD

$30. Price includes shipping and handling. 

This recording has been produced as a project of the Jacques Monis Cohenca Music Fund of Congregation Shearith Israel, as part of Shearith Israel's 350th anniversary celebrations. 

This CD was prepared under the direction of Rabbi Dr. Marc D. Angel, Senior Rabbi of Congregation Shearith Israel. The production and editing of the music were done by Mr. Leon Hyman, Shearith Israel's Choirmaster. 

In 1998, Mrs. Emilia Cohenca and family established a Music Fund at Congregation Shearith Israel in memory of the late Mr. Jacques Monis Cohenca, a devoted congregant who attended services at Shearith Israel regularly. He deeply appreciated the magnificent musical traditions of this historic Congregation. 


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Benjamin N. Cardozo

Supreme Court Justice Benjamin Nathan Cardozo spoke of the need for the Congregation to maintain its historic traditions and to remain true to the customs and practices of the generations that had come before.


Synagogue tradition associates this Hanukkah lamp with the First Mill Street Synagogue of 1730.