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Spring 2020 Fundraiser | Biblical Tours of the World’s Greatest Sites: A Journey Through Jewish History

A Major 10-Part Series by Rabbi Soloveichik

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This year we cannot hold our annual gala; current circumstances make that impossible. However, the need to support our vital institutions, especially our spiritual home, is more crucial than ever.


So many of us have been gratified by the dazzling array of inspiring virtual programs that Shearith Israel has been providing from the moment we could no longer attend our beloved synagogue building. This Spring Fundraiser program — an ambitious 10-part series — promises to be an exceptional way to celebrate and support our congregation. And every guest can enjoy the best seat in the house (their own house, that is). 


Over the course of ten evenings leading up to Shabuot, Rabbi Soloveichik will, sequentially and thematically, take us through highlights of Jewish history, drawing on great art and archaeology exhibits around the world. Each session, we will accompany Rabbi Soloveichik to a different city where we will delve into exhibits that offer insights into a theme of the Tanakh. 


You will not want to miss this! 



We ask that you take this opportunity to show your appreciation for all that Shearith Israel stands for, means to you, and, especially now, has been doing to support and inspire you, your friends, and the community at large.


Sponsorship levels range from $250 to $3600 and beyond - you can sponsor one or more individual lectures, or the entire series. All sponsors whose total contributions reach $3600 or more will be recognized as Series Sponsors. Sponsors will be acknowledged at each session, at the conclusion of the series, as well as listed in a special edition of our Fall Bulletin. See below for current sponsors.


CLICK HERE to sponsor.   





All lectures will be delivered via conference call. 

Dial-in instructions:

USA: (712) 770-5581 (this number also works for Canada)

UK: +44 (0) 333 015 4181 (not to be used on Ereb Shabbat/Shabuot)

Israel: +972 (0) 55-966-1137 (not to be used on Ereb Shabbat/Shabuot)

Australia: +61 (0) 3 8672 0100 (not to be used on Ereb Shabbat/Shabuot)

Panama: +507 838-7820

Participant code: 124005#


(For other locations, send your inquiry to


  1. Monday, May 18, 7 PM | Cairo, Egypt

    Reliving the Exodus from Egypt - in Egypt: A Biblical Trip to Cairo 


  1. Tuesday, May 19, 7 PM | Paris, France

    Moabites and Baal at the Louvre: A Parisian Intro to Ruth, Elijah, and the Messiah


  1. Wednesday, May 20, 7 PM | London, UK

    Looking for the Ten Lost Tribes at the British Museum


  1.  Thursday, May 21, Ereb Yom Yerushalayim, 7 PM | Istanbul, Turkey

      The House of David in Istanbul: A Yom Yerushalayim Story


  1. Friday, May 22, Ereb Shabbat, Yom Yerushalayim, 5:30 PM | Jerusalem, Israel    

    What is the Most Valuable Object in Israel?: Jerusalem’s Archeological and Artistic Treasures 


  1. Sunday, May 24, 7 PM | Berlin, Germany

    Nebuchadenezzar and the Nazis in Berlin: A Reflection on Enemies Old and New


  1. Monday, May 25, 7 PM | London, UK

    I am Cyrus: A Persian Emperor Meets Rembrandt and Harry Truman


  1. Tuesday, May 26, 7 PM | Athens, Greece

    Alexander and Antiochus in Athens: The Battle between Hellenism and Judaism 


  1. Wednesday, May 27, 7 PM | Rome and Vatican City, Italy

    An Orthodox Jew finds God in Rome: The Capitoline and Vatican Museums


  1. Thursday, May 28, Ereb Yom Tob, 5:30 PM 

    Traveling with the Torah: A Shabuot Conclusion 


    Following these sessions, our conference call provider sends us lists of phone numbers that have dialed in. We do not share this information with anyone outside the Synagogue; however, we would like to thank you, and you may get a call from us.



    Thank you to our generous sponsors (list in formation):

    Series Sponsors:

    Nicole & Raanan Agus




    Bengio Family, in memory of Rachel & Amram Bengio and Henri Misrahi

    Norman Benzaquen

    Karen & Jack Daar

    The Freilich Family

    Zoya Raynes & Naftali Friedman

    Carol & Arthur Goldberg and Penny & Mark Aaron

    Halana & Alan Greenberg

    Rachel Neumark Herlands & Jonathan Herlands, in honor of Shearith Israel's incredible rabbinic and lay leadership

    Linda & Michael Jesselson

    Ivan Kaufman & Arbor Realty Trust

    George Klein, Chalom & Alexandra Silber

    David & Marcia Lavipour

    Polina and Michael Liberman

    Michael Lustig & Rachel Brody

    Ruth & Theodore Mirvis

    Nathan Family

    Naomi & Peter Neustadter

    Propp/Gomberg/Riesenberg Families

    Carol & Alan Schechter, in honor of the Bar Mitzvah of their grandson, Netanel, and in honor of the high school graduation of their granddaughters, Ita and Aliza

    Judith & Joel Schreiber

    Ruth & Irwin Shapiro

    The Solomon Family

    Oliver Stanton

    Madelene & Stan Towne

    The Tsesarsky Family

    The Susan Ulick Family Fund



    Session Sponsors (highest giving tiers listed first)

    Lewis Bateman

    Boys of Summer, in memory of Elliot Freilich

    Sharon Dane, in honor of Rabbi Soloveichik

    Faith Fogelman

    Anne & Natalio Fridman

    Furman Partners Ltd. & The New Kalman Sunshine Fund

    Annalisa & Mendi Gertner

    Juan Mesa-Freydell

    Carla & Jonah Schein

    Aviva & Marvin Sussman

    Adele & Ronald Tauber





    Sandy & Dr. Robert April, in thanks for Rabbi Soleveichik's creative, inspirational lectures

    Nava & Dan Bettinger, in memory of Nava's father, Shaul Aboudi, a member of the Palmach, on his nahala.

    Rabbi Meier Brueckheimer for Hakarat Hatov (in appreciation) of Rabbi Meir Soloveichik's lectures, and in loving memory of Hindel Bat Elyakim HaCohen a"h

    Suzan & Fred Ehrman

    Edward W. Kerson

    Irene & Martin Kofman

    Meyer G. Koplow

    Cindy & Jeffrey Liebmann

    Marilyn, Leon, Debbie, and Sam Moed

    Hanna Bismuth, Sheldon Tepler, & Barbara Reiss, in memory of their mother, Feiga Tepler (and in honor of Rabbi Soloveichik)

    Meralee & Sidney Schlusselberg

    Esther & Bill Schulder

    Gershon Segal & Tovah Segal

    Barbara Herlands Smith

    Janet & Saul Spitz

    Paula & Leslie Walter


    Anonymous, in memory of Mrs. Reggie Richman


    Gail Billig

    Viviane Bregman

    Doina & Larry Bryskin

    Ken & Marcie Cappell, in memory of Evelyn Cappell

    Shlomit & Chaim Edelstein

    Cindy Trop & Stuart Ellman, in memory of Stuart's grandfather's nahala on the 10th of Sivan

    Kathy Brooks & Larry Gelb, in loving memory of Robert Brooks and F Gina Gelb

    Miriam & Michael Gervis

    Wendy & Sholem Greenbaum

    Raquel & Steve Herz

    Lois & Gerry Kirsh

    Jackie & Andrew Klaber 

    Jane Shiff & Alan Lubarr, in gratitude to Rabbi Soloveichik, and in memory of Elliot and Dennis Freilich

    Roni and Robert Pick

    Debbie & David Sable

    The children of Irene Schenker, z"l, on the occasion of her nahala

    Frieda & Isaac Schlesinger

    Lu & Michael Schulder

    Maimon Schwarzschild

    Beth & Kuty Shalev

    Edward Sopher

    Marla & Bob Stark, in memory of Bradley Stark

    Linda & Howard Sterling

    Perri & Akiba Stern


    Gila Alpert








    Anonymous, in memory of Meir b. Zeev and Rachel b. Moshe

    Harvey Arfa

    Joanne & Charlie Bacall, with gratitude to Rabbi Soloveichik for a wonderful lecture series

    Barest Family

    Joy Yudofsky Behr

    Yaacov & Joanne Ben-Avi, for the nahala of Yaacov’s brother, Moshe

    Rabbi Jeff & Michie Berger

    Berk Family, in honor of Allan's Birthday

    Lori Zeltser & Len Berman, in memory of Feiga Tepler

    Deena & Josh Bernstein

    Rob Bernstein, in memory of his father, Bernard

    Alan and Janice Blumenthal, in memory of their parents, Bernard & May Blumenthal and Dr. David & Ruth German

    Malaika Amon & Anthony Bregman

    Lucienne Carasso Bulow

    Barbara & Melvyn Ciment

    Daniel D. Chazin

    Shelley & Ruvan Cohen

    Vivienne Roumani-Denn & Morton Denn

    Arlene & Avrom Doft

    Suzanne & Jacob Doft

    Miriam & Yale Drazin

    Shimshon & Chana Edelstein and Mordechai & Brenda Platnick

    Harriet Edleson, in memory of Hon. Jack and Sonya Edleson

    Judi & Alan Eisenman

    David Fields

    Laury, Reuben, and Matea Frieber

    Judy & Bob Friedman

    Jane & Roger Gerber

    Sabra and Simon Gerson

    Rose Gerszberg

    Ron Goldofsky

    Doris & Marshall Greenberg

    Lynnette Gruenhut

    Miriam Hausman, in memory of Judy & Gershon Hausman

    Alvin Hellerstein

    Marcia L. Herschmann

    Paula Hertzberg

    Sidney & Wendy Ingber

    Dov Kalton

    Ruth & Marc Kalton

    Josh Katzin

    Kaufthal Family, in memory of Elliot Freilich

    Rona & Ira Kellman

    Vivian & Arthur Klaus

    Chavie Kahn & Heshy Kofman

    Arlene & Moshe Kupietzky

    Karen & Bruce Lerman

    Jordan & Vivian Lurie

    Aviva Roumani & Ethan Mackin

    Gila & Bob Margulies

    David Marks

    Sylvia & Michael Messeri

    David R. Musher, M.D. P.C.

    Janet & Michael Neustein

    James Nuzzo

    Tikva & Irwin Ostrega

    Bonnie & Isaac Pollak

    Renee & Teddy Pollak, in honor of the Rabbi's parents, Eliyahu & Esther Soloveichik, their neighbors in Hillcrest

    Susan and Lenny Presby

    Rima Raynes, in memory of Svetlana Raynes

    Rebecca & Israel Rivkin, with gratitude to Rabbi Soloveichik

    Reizel bat Golda

    Roberts Family

    Marc & Lynn Rohatiner

    Andrea Weiss and Sarah Rosenfeld 

    Karen & Steven Roth

    Andrew and Ronnie Schonzeit

    Renee & Avram Schreiber

    Helene & Jerry Schutz in memory of our fathers Joseph Amster and Sidney Schutz

    Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Schwartz

    Ronald Schwartz

    Sara & Warren Sherman

    Karen & Roy Simon

    Susan & Daniel Sklarin

    Nomi & Ben Smilchensky and Family

    Smith siblings, in loving honor of their mother, Barbara Smith & in loving memory of their Dad, Myron Smith z"l

    Susan and Meyer Solny

    Phyllis and Mark Speiser

    Gale and Steven Spira

    Aliza & Kalman Staiman

    Marilyn Stein

    Ellis & Ellen Tavin

    Sophie and Olivia Tulkoff, in honor of their father's birthday

    Rachel and Dr. David Vorchheimer, in appreciation of Rabbi Meir Soloveichik

    Tova & Howard Weiser

    Roselyn Weitzner

    Lois Liebowitz & Irving Wiesen

    Susan & Mark Wiesen

    Sheila Wisotsky & Dr. William Zeitz

    Wolkovisky Family

    Elizabeth Schultz Zimmer


    Other Contributors:

    Anna Aronovitch

    Rosalyn Avigad

    Naomi Charnov

    Steven Cove, in honor of his grandmother, Chai Sarah Bat Yoniton Benyamin

     Rebecca Davis & Percy Deift

    William & Margaret Gold

    Nancy & Jeffery Heller

    Harvey Kogan

    Geula Levi-Freeman

    Moshe J. Levison

    Alan Mendelowitz

    Roberta & Alvin Michaels

    Martha Steinmetz, in honor of Rabbi Soloveichik, with gratitude for his amazing shiurim and fortitude during these challenging times

    Hadassah Ruth Weiner

    Lauren Weiner


    Barbara Weinstein

























Omer Board

Shearith Israel’s “Omer Board” dates back to the Mill Street Synagogue of 1730, and may indeed go back to the early years of the Congregation’s history. 


Synagogue tradition associates this Hanukkah lamp with the First Mill Street Synagogue of 1730.