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Book of Ruth

Listen to Shearith Israel's unique melody for Book of Ruth sung by Hazzan Rabbi Ira Rohde.

Shelomo Ibn Gabirol's Azharot

Listen to Azharot chanted by Hazzan Rabbi Ira Rohde in the Spanish & Portuguese traditional Shabuot melody.

Shabuot Public Lecture

Rabbi Soloveichik will deliver another intriguing lecture at what has become a prime Shabuot learning destination on the Upper West Side. After the talk, guests are encouraged to enjoy some cheesecake!

Annual (Virtual) Girls' Book of Ruth Reading

Our virtual Shir HaShirim reading was a beautiful experience for both readers and listeners, and we'd love to build on that for Shabuot with this year's Book of Ruth recitation. 


Azharot Around The World

This year, since we cannot meet in the synagogue, we have joined with our sister congregations and hazzanim from around the world to host a special joint Azharot service in advance of the holiday

Girls' Book of Ruth Reading

On the first day of Shabuot, the girls of the synagogue chant the Book of Ruth for the congregation in the Main Sanctuary after the conclusion of services.


Synagogue tradition associates this Hanukkah lamp with the First Mill Street Synagogue of 1730.

Liberty Bell Rimonim

These Rimonim, modeled after the American Liberty Bell, were commissioned by the Congregation in honor of Judge Edgar J. Nathan Jr.