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Shabbat In A Box

With Pesah-In-A-Box having been extraordinarily helpful to our community, we have decided to partner again with Sova Catering to bring you Shabbat-In-A-Box, a complete Shabbat menu for households of 1 or more people, with options to suit a variety of tastes and dietary preferences. These packages can be picked up from the synagogue on Friday afternoon (with proper social distancing), or delivered to UWS or UES addresses for an additional fee ($15 and $22, respectively).


We will are taking orders for this week and next, and all orders are due the Wednesday prior to the Shabbat for which you are ordering. 
Click here to view the menu, place an order, and/or sponsor meals for those who cannot afford them. Meals are $35 per adult meal and $25 for kids menu meals. Optional delivery to UWS or UES is charged extra; no delivery charge for pick up at Shearith Israel.
Pickup at the synagogue is from 1-2pm on Friday, and deliveries will be from 9:00 am-12:00 pm on Friday. If you do not receive your delivery by 1 pm, contact Sova Catering (Riki: 646-623-0679 or Itai: 917-208-0810).
(Note that while the packages contain a full meal and challot, grape juice/wine is not included.)
Financial Assistance: If you cannot afford shabbat meals, click here to request a free Shabbat in a Box.

Twenty First Street Cemetery

In August of 1829, Shearith Israel’s third cemetery was consecrated.  It was located on Twenty First Street just west of Sixth Avenue

Beth Olam Cemetery

Beth Olam Cemetery in Ridgewood, Queens has provided for the burials of our congregation since 1851 and will continue to do so for many years to come.