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Summer Enrichment Potluck

Saturday, June 27
Saturday, July 18


Is your child or grandchild intellectually curious?

Were you looking for creative educational resources for the summer?

Are you an empty nester with great ideas you wish you could share with other parents?

Are you a specialist in science, or art, math, or literature with a take to offer parents?


Help us leverage our collective community knowledge for the benefit of all of our kids this summer!


Please join us for this program of folks interested in finding/sharing/suggesting resources to enrich the summers of older elementary through high school kids. We welcome anyone with ideas to share. The plan is “bring one, take one . . . or take two or three” – each person will bring an idea to contribute and hopefully in turn will reap a cornucopia. Each session will be devoted to a different topic.



Humanities for Little Humans: Children’s Fiction, Great Books, & Musical Literacy


Previous session: 

Making STEM Bloom For Them:

How to Make STEM Accessible To Kids


Future episodes may be devoted to such topics as:

   Basic Financial Literacy for Kids + The ABCs of High Finance
   Captain My Captain: The New Dead Poets Society
   History: From Ancient Civilizations to the Founding Fathers
   Special session for those with smaller kids: Montessori at Home: You Too Can Out-Alpha the Other Moms at Dropoff


Sign up here and we’ll send you the zoom link and password. Please bear in mind that there is no cost to attend this event, but its potential value to our children, their future, and their cultural development is immense. Support your community by supporting its children. Join us!

Emma Lazaraus

Emma Lazarus is best known for her famous poem, “The New Colossus,” inscribed on the base of the Statue of Liberty. 

Crosby Street Synagogue

 In 1834 the congregation built a new synagogue on Crosby Street, between Broom and Spring Street.