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Celebrate Pesah 5782 with Shearith Israel!

Prayer and Preparation Schedules

Consult detailed Pesah prayer and preparation schedules.

Pesah Youth Activities

Join the Upper West Side Synagogues for some fun Pesah activities - trips to Six Flags during Hol Hamoed for teens and families, and Kids of all ages can get in the mood pre-Pesah with Afikoman Games.



Passover Guide

We are distributing the Passover Guide from our sister congregation Mikveh Israel of Philadelphia.

Pesah Liturgy

Check out some of Shearith Israel's Passover melodies.

Shabbat HaGadol Derasha 5782

You won’t want to miss this derasha from Rabbi Soloveichik, exploring the lessons of this Festival of Freedom into our everyday lives.


Choral Music of Shearith Israel
Seventieth Street Synagogue