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Outdoor Shofar Blowing

on Sunday, Second Day Rosh HaShana, September 20

For members and friends who are not planning to attend a Rosh HaShana service (indoors or outdoors) this year, we will be offering a separate outdoor shofar blowing service. 
This service will be held following the close of morning services (12:00 noon) on the second day of Rosh HaShana, Sunday, September 20, outside the synagogue. It will last for approximately 20 minutes.
Please register to attend this shofar blowing service here.
For a list of other Upper West Side outdoor shofar locations, click here, and for Upper East Side locations, click here.

Chatham Square Cemetery

The oldest of our extant cemeteries is known as the Chatham Square Cemetery.  It is located in Chinatown at 55 St. James Place.  The land was originally purchased in 1682 by Joseph Bueno de Mesquita. 

Emma Lazaraus

Emma Lazarus is best known for her famous poem, “The New Colossus,” inscribed on the base of the Statue of Liberty.