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Learn how to pray the daily Minha service in the Spanish & Portuguese nusakh with the audio files above.  Rabbi Rohde has also produced several instructional videos which you can view below:

Daily Minha 1: Psalm 84 & Qorbanot

Daily Minha 2: Pittum haQetoret

Daily Minha 3: Ve`Areba - Ashre

Daily Minha 4: Tikkon Tefillati - Qaddish 

Daily Minha 5: `Amida

Daily Minha 6: Tahanun

Daily Minha 7: Qaddish Titqabal & Psalm 67

Daily Minha 8: Mourner's Qaddish & `Alenu  



Hebrew School History

In 1802, Meir Polonies donated $900 to fund our Hebrew School

Gershom Mendes Seixas

Gershom Mendes Seixas (1745-1816) was the first American-born spiritual leader of Shearith Israel.