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Learn how to pray the daily Minha service in the Spanish & Portuguese nusakh with the audio files above.  Rabbi Rohde has also produced several instructional videos which you can view below:

Daily Minha 1: Psalm 84 & Qorbanot

Daily Minha 2: Pittum haQetoret

Daily Minha 3: Ve`Areba - Ashre

Daily Minha 4: Tikkon Tefillati - Qaddish 

Daily Minha 5: `Amida

Daily Minha 6: Tahanun

Daily Minha 7: Qaddish Titqabal & Psalm 67

Daily Minha 8: Mourner's Qaddish & `Alenu  



Benjamin N. Cardozo

Supreme Court Justice Benjamin Nathan Cardozo spoke of the need for the Congregation to maintain its historic traditions and to remain true to the customs and practices of the generations that had come before.

West 11th Street Cemetery

The West Eleventh Street cemetery, the second historic cemetery of Congregation Shearith Israel, was consecrated on February 27, 1805.