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Kiddush Fund

The congregational kiddush is an opportunity for congregants and visitors to socialize and mingle after services, humbly serving an important congregational function. Light kiddushim are held weekly throughout the year. More substantial kiddush luncheons are enjoyed approximately once a month, in honor of special congregational events such as guest scholars, women’s and teen services, and other occasions.


To sponsor a kiddush, please fill out and submit our online form.


Sponsoring a kiddush is a beautiful way to pay tribute to a loved one, celebrate a birthday, anniversary, graduation, a personal accomplishment, or a ritual honor. It is also a great way to foster community—facilitating fellow congregants to catch up with friends, meet new members and guests, and greet synagogue leaders.


Kiddush Sponsorship Opportunities:


Shabbat light kiddush | $400

    - includes light refreshments, fresh produce, and snacks


Shabbat enhanced kiddush | $1,000

    - includes all of the above, plus a variety of hot food


Shabbat kiddush luncheon | $2,300

    - includes a full hot buffet, hallot, and birkat hamazon. Can be considered a full meal, or a prelude to lunch at home.


All levels include wine and beverages.


 If you'd like to be a scotch or arak sponsor, click here. 


Please Accept Our Appreciation with Special Recognition
Kiddush Sponsors are recognized in the Shabbat Handout (print and electronic) and our beautiful quarterly bulletins.

Multiple sponsors are encouraged for any given kiddush; this helps provide for kiddushim throughout the year, even on weeks when there is no sponsor.

Contributions at lower amounts are welcome in addition to the sponsorship levels. These donors will be recognized as Kiddush Fund Contributors in the Shabbat Handout (print and electronic) and The Bulletin.


To sponsor a kiddush, please fill out and submit our online form.


Hebrew School History

In 1802, Meir Polonies donated $900 to fund our Hebrew School

Seventieth Street Synagogue