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Seating Reservations for High Holidays 5781

Members, it is vital that we hear from you as soon as possible (even if you will not be attending services this year). 

UPDATE, 9/4: 

Priority deadlines for seating reservations have passed, but we are still taking member requests, subject to availability - click here. Note that very few seats remain and any availbility will likely be at the outdoor MDS rooftop service.

Members and non-members can also requests spots at our separate outdoor shofar service (to be held near 2 West 70th Street at noon on the Second Day of Rosh HaShana, 9/20) by clicking here.



  1. We are delighted to announce our plans to offer a Virtual Kal Nidre on Ereb Kippur. Exact details are being worked out, and will be communicated soon.
  2. Each person attending services will be given a prayer book to use throughout each holiday. You will not need to bring or purchase one. If you would like to purchase your own Rosh HaShana and/or Kippur Prayer Book for your personal or home use, you may still do so at:
  3. We invite you to include a greeting and/or memorial listing in this year's special publication. See below for details or click here to submit.





High Holidays 5781 are nearly upon us and we are excited to reunite with many of you, with the proper precautions.

This year’s services will be different - certainly quieter - than usual. With no choir, masks covering every face, attendance limited by social distancing rules, and saddest of all, some members unable to attend due to their vulnerabilities, it won’t compare to years past. BUT, coming together as a community during High Holidays 5781 may also be especially poignant and spiritually uplifting precisely because we are so palpably reminded of our individual and communal fragility.

This year, Rosh HaShana begins on Friday evening, September 18, through Sunday, September 20, and Kippur is on Sunday evening, September 27 and Monday, September 28. We have been working around the clock to organize services in the safest way possible for this complex year.

Please review all the reservation instructions below. Bear in mind that this is a highly unusual year and that all plans are subject to change.




  • Even if you DO NOT intend on reserving any seats for Rosh HaShana or Kippur, we very much want to hear from you and ask you to click here to let us know. That way, a) you can still sign up for just shofar blowing (outdoors after services), b) we can better gauge our capacity and accommodate as many members as possible, and c) we can stay connected with you over these High Holidays.


  • To submit your reservation forms, you must be logged into your ShulCloud account. If you need assistance logging in to your account and/or completing your seating reservation, please contact Sarah Gross at


  • The reservation form will ask you to rank your preference for 1) Indoor Services in the Main Sanctuary, 2) Outdoor Services on the Manhattan Day School rooftop, or 3) either. We will accommodate to the best of our ability.


  • While we hope to honor your reservations and preferences in full, you will receive a confirmation one week after your deadline, at which point you will be asked to pay in full if any seat charges apply, or if there are any outstanding balances (e.g., membership dues, fees, offerings, sponsorships or other past due items) on your synagogue account.


  • Childcare and youth groups will not be available this year. Healthy children below Bar/Bat mitzvah age permitted to be signed up to attend services, provided that they are able to sit with their parent for the duration of the service and remain properly masked and socially distanced.





In order for us to determine our actual capacity with social distancing, we must first know how many group reservations (non-distanced pods) we will need to accommodate. Therefore, we have implemented staggered deadlines, beginning with Member Groups, to be followed by Member Individuals, and, with space permitting, Non-Members.



We opened priority reservations for “Member Groups” Only two weeks ago and the priority deadline passed on August 20. Member Groups are members (Full and Associate) who wish to reserve more than one seat in the Men’s and/or Women’s Section. Member Groups will be seated together in pods, not socially distanced from each other. Now that the priority deadline has passed, you may still request group seating together in a pod but it is less likely that we will be able to accommodate this preference, even for your immediate family members.

To request group seating, click here.



This is the priority deadline for members who only wish to reserve one seat in the Mens’ and/or Women’s Section. 

To reserve your individual seating, click here.



Soon after August 27, through September 3, space permitting, Non-Members will be offered the opportunity to reserve seats (while our members will continue to be able to make reservations), at the following prices:

Non-Member adult: $360

Children under 12: $100




Due to COVID-19 rules and regulations, we will absolutely not be able to accept last-minute requests or walk-ins. All attendees, including members, MUST opt-in in advance by placing a reservation. 

While we hope to honor your reservations and preferences in full, we will contact you one week after your deadline, at which point you will be asked to pay in full if any seat charges apply, or if there are any outstanding balances (e.g., membership dues, fees, offerings, sponsorships, or other past due items) on your synagogue account. If we later discover that we cannot fully accommodate your request, a refund will be issued.

We expect to send Members their tickets by email during the week of August 31. Your ticket will include the names of everyone on your reservation and your venue. Later reservations will receive tickets closer to the High Holidays. Please print your ticket and bring it to services.

You will NOT receive your specific seat assignment(s) in advance. You will be directed to your seat(s) when you arrive for services on the Holiday.





High Holiday seating sales and offerings are a critical part of our annual budget. This is an extraordinary year, requiring substantial COVID-19 infrastructure and safety measures, in addition to the need for more space to accommodate socially distanced services. Your support is needed now more than ever. We do not, however, wish to exclude anyone due to financial hardship. For financial assistance, contact Barbara Reiss at 212-873-0300 ext. 215.


Members and Add-Ons are entitled to BUT MUST OPT-IN TO RESERVE:

Member Individuals: 1 seat at no charge

Member Families: 2 seats at no charge

Add-on Members: 1 seat at no charge

Members may request additional holiday seats for family members and guests (subject to availability), at the prices listed below.


Members' guest pricing:

Guests of Full members: $250

Children under 12 (non-Add-On): $25


Guests of Associate Members: $300

Children under 12: $50


Price includes all or any of the services, both days of Rosh HaShana as well as Kippur. If you don’t expect to attend all 3 days, please let us know which ones you will not attend, so that we can accommodate additional requests.




For everyone’s safety, you will be required to sign a waiver and affirm that you meet the safety and other requirements for attendance. Upon confirmation, closer to the Holidays, you will be required to reaffirm that you meet the requirements.

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