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5781 Hatanim Celebration

The Virtual Event

Sunday, November 1, 11:01PM


Sunday, 11/01 at 11:01 am
Join us for this very special celebration, bringing together people near and far, with a livestream from our Sanctuary and an opportunity for all to show their support of our honorees and Shearith Israel.
Dr. Henry Edinger, Hatan Torah
Rabbi Dr. Meir Soloveichik, Hatan Bereshit
Participation is free, but registration is required, and greetings are greatly appreciated

This special 1-hour virtual event will include:
- A livestream from the Main Sanctuary featuring Hazzan Rabbi Ira Rohde singing the glorious Tenu Shebaha to each of the Hatanim

- Addresses by both Hatanim from the Sanctuary

- Congregants and guests will join in a virtual toast to our Hatanim

- Video presentation of your journal greetings

Pearl Page: $180 | Silver Page: $360
Gold Page: $1000 | Onyx Page: $1800


Monday, October 26

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Join our growing list of sponsors:
ONYX ($1800 and above)
Agus Family
The Solomon Family
Oliver Stanton

GOLD ($1000)
Henri Bengualid and the Bengualid Goldstein Families
The Daar Family
Anne & Natalio Fridman
Gail Propp and Sharon Dane
Esther and Bill Schulder
Linda & Howard Sterling
Madelene & Stan Towne
SILVER ($360)
Naftali & Zoya Raynes Friedman & Avi and Samuel
Nehama, Benjamin, & Zachariah Edinger
Rose & Henry Edinger
The Goldberg/Aaron Families
Rabbi Harris Guedalia & family
Andre & Margaret Guenoun and Family
Lauren & Ezra Merkin
David Nathan & Rebecca Chaplan
Ruth G. Nathan
David & Debbie Sable
Martine & Jack Schenker
Ivy & Dr. Marvin Schildkraut and family
Gale & Steven Spira
Elaine & Michael Strasberg
Charlotte Triefus & Lloyd Zuckerberg

PEARL ($180)
The Beispels
Joanne & Yaacov Ben-Avi and family
Esme & Roger Berg
Rabbi Meier Brueckheimer
Vivienne Roumani-Denn & Morton Denn
Frieber Family
Faith Fogelman
Rabbi Albert Gabbai
Simon & Sabra Gerson
Ruth & Larry Kobrin
David Lerner
Liliane Marks
Dinah & Andrew Mendes
Hayyim Obadyah
Barbara & Guy Reiss
Sandra Rose
Jack & Anne Salomon
Carla & Jonah Schein
Judy & Joel Schreiber
Renee & Avie Schreiber
Maimon Schwarzschild
Aviva & Marvin Sussman
The Wiznia Family

Chai Contributors ($18): Bonnie Barest, Lewis Bateman, Karyn Braka Bogart, Lucienne Carasso Bulow, Mechy and Sheila Frankel, Stephanie & Jonathan Freilich, Ruthie Israeli, Steve & Jiya Kowarsky, Judy Kramer, Rabbi M Licht, Eugene & Rochelle Major, Joshua de Sola Mendes, Mira Mizrahi, Jack Obadia, Shaul & Patricia Rabinowitz, Rita Rodin, Joan Roth

Revolutionary War Torah Scrolls

In 1776, several British soldiers desecrated two of Shearith Israel’s Torah scrolls.


Synagogue tradition associates this Hanukkah lamp with the First Mill Street Synagogue of 1730.