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Fantastic Fruits and How to Cook Them

A Tu B'Shebat Cooking Class led by Rabbi Ira Rohde

Wednesday, January 27, 7:30PM


In honor of Tu B’Shebat, join Rabbi Ira Rohde and special guests as he rediscovers overlooked and forgotten foods of Ancient Israel. These were formerly staples of the diet in the Holy Land and much of the Mediterranean for thousands of years, but have suffered neglect and are unfamiliar to many in the West. 

While none of these fruits grows on what is technically classified as a “tree,” they certainly rivaled tree-crops in importance. Hence we have chosen to celebrate them on this agricultural holiday which traditionally salutes the fruits peculiarly native to the Holy Land. Some of these ancient staples have slowly been staging a bit of a comeback as “health foods” in recent years. 

Rabbi Rohde will combine recipe information/demonstration along with background culinary history. He will also add more-familiar Israeli fruits and nuts for dessert.

To register and receive the zoom link, click here.  

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