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Sincere Condolences to Melvin Newman and Diana Newman

Published on Feb 26, 2019

We regret to inform you of the passing of
brother of our member Melvin (Carol) Newman, 
uncle of our member Diana Newman (Isaac Corre) and of Amanda Newman (Josh Getzler), Josh Newman (Tali), and Marisa Newman.
There will be a private graveside funeral on Wednesday.
Shib'ah on Wednesday and Thursday will be in Connecticut.
Manhattan shib'ah will be observed beginning Friday morning March 1st at the Newman home:
 145 Central Park West, Apt. 9C, 
New York, NY 10023. 
The family can be reached at 212-874-1695.

Services at the home will be as follows:
Shaharit on Friday and Tuesday at 7:30 am; Sunday at 9 am; and Monday at 7:15 am.
Minha & 'Arbit on Sunday and Monday at 5:40 pm.

Visiting hours during Shib'ah:
Friday until 1 pm.
Saturday evening 7:30 pm-10 pm.
Sunday 9-12:30 pm, 2 pm-4:30 pm, 5:40 pm-9 pm.
Monday 7:30-11 am, 2 pm-4:30 pm, 5:40 pm-9 pm.

Shib'ah ends Tuesday morning after Shacharit.
If you would like to honor the memory of William Newman with a donation to Shearith Israel, please click here.  To support families during shibah, please consider a donation to the Hebra Hased Va'Amet. The family will be notified of your donation.

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