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Sincere Condolences to Isaac Schlessinger

Published on Jan 4, 2020

We regret to inform you of the passing of 


Father of our member Isaac Schlessinger, of Sarah Davidowitz, and of Betty Fromowitz.
The funeral will take place tomorrow, Sunday, at 3:00 pm.
Shomrei Hadas
3803 14th Avenue, Brooklyn NY
Burial will take place in Israel (Har HaMenuchot) on Monday evening.
Mr. Isaac Schlesinger will begin Shib'ah in Jerusalem, Rechov HaKalir #9 in Sharei Chesed Monday night until 10:30pm, then in Monsey at 41 Winesap Lane from Tuesday morning until Thursday morning at 11am. He will continue shib'ah from Thursday afternoon until Monday morning at 48 Glenwood Road, Roslyn Harbor, NY 11576.
Mrs. Betty Fromowitz will begin Shib'ah at 41 Winesap Lane in Monsey on Monday morning until Sunday morning. Davening times are at 7:45am and 4:25pm.
Rebbetzin Sarah Davidowitz will sit at 41 Winesap Lane in Monsey from Monday morning until Wednesday morning at 10:30am. Then, she will sit in Rochester at 36 Sylvan Road from Thursday morning through Sunday morning.
To honor the memory of Sidney Schlesinger with a donation to Shearith Israel, please click here or call the office at 212-873-0300 x228.  To support families during shibah, please consider a donation to the Hebra Hased Va'Amet. The family will be notified of your donation.

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