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Sara Schatz, PTTS Teacher


Sara Schatz is currently a senior in a joint B.A.-M.A. Jewish Education program at Stern College for Women and Azrieli Graduate for Jewish Education, and hopes to receive an additional certification in Special Education following her undergraduate degree. She has a tremendous passion for teaching Torah in a creative, open lens, and has taught in a wide variety of formal and informal contexts, including as an advisor in Rochester NCSY, a teaching fellow in Seattle Hebrew Academy, a counselor and teacher at Camp Stone, and an assistant teacher at Yeshivat Noam in Paramus, NJ. Last year, she worked as a shadow in the seventh grade classroom at the Jewish Youth Connection, a Hebrew school in Ramaz. 

Maud Nathan

Maud Nathan (1862-1946) was founder and first President of the Sisterhood of Shearith Israel, established in 1896.  

Seventieth Street Synagogue