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Revealing the Enduring Ethics of Aggadah: Levinas’ Talmudic Readings

2-part Winter Wednesdays Learning Series with Rabbi Hidary

Wednesday, December 7, 7:00PM
Wednesday, December 14, 7:00PM

Emmanuel Levinas was a French philosopher of ethics and existentialism. In addition to his major contribution to general philosophy, Levinas was also a Jewish community leader and teacher. For many years, he delivered an annual lecture at the Colloquia of Jewish Intellectuals analyzing a Talmudic passage philosophically. These readings remains some of the most innovative, interesting, and inspiring Talmudic interpretations that succeed in unpacking some of the depths of Talmudic thought and its relevance to modern society. In these two lectures, we will attempt to re-enact those lectures, follow Levinas’ steps through a textual analysis, and assess how well they stand the tests of time, scholarship, and enduring value.

Omer Board

Shearith Israel’s “Omer Board” dates back to the Mill Street Synagogue of 1730, and may indeed go back to the early years of the Congregation’s history. 

First Mill Street Synagogue

The little synagogue on Mill Street was the first structure designed and built to be a synagogue in continental North America.