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Funeral Arrangements and Policies

If you need to make funeral arrangements you may call or text Rev. Zachary Edinger at anytime day or night: 917-584-3787.


Only graveside burials are being performed at this time.  Masks and social distancing as well as other procedures are required at our cemetery in order to protect attendees and cemetery employees.  


Shib`ah is being observed without indoor visitation.  Wherever possible, outdoor visiting hours, or video and teleconferencing is encouraged to provide comfort for the mourners.  


For specific questions about any of our policies or customs you may email; for emergencies please call or text the number above.



** If someone passes away on Yom Tobin order to prevent any unseemly delay or disrespect for the deceased it is permitted to call a funeral home and the sexton on Yom Tob.  Burial arrangements are not made on Shabbat.


The policies listed above are temporary and subject to change at any time.

Nineteenth Street Synagogue

The congregation's fourth synagogue was built on nineteenth Street, just west of Fifth Avenue.  


Synagogue tradition associates this Hanukkah lamp with the First Mill Street Synagogue of 1730.