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Congregation Shearith Israel

The Spanish & Portuguese Synagogue America's First Jewish Congregation Bem vindo ao lar Bienvenido a casa ברוכים הבאים הביתה The Spanish & Portuguese Synagogue
Congregation Shearith Israel, Sanctuary
Work by Jeane Vogel,

At the Synagogue

This Week's Prayer Schedule

October 13 - October 19

Shabbat and Holiday Handouts

Explore our weekly Shabbat handouts. 

Hatanim Luncheon 5780

Saturday, October 26

RSVP Deadline: Wednesday, October 16

On Shabbat Bereshit, our community and friends come together to honor our Hatanim —...

Annual Simhat Torah Dinner 5780 & Ice Cream Extravaganza

Monday, October 21

RSVP Deadline: Wednesday, October 16

Join us for our annual Simhat Torah Dinner, plus our youth ice cream extravaganza following hakafot!

Visiting Scholar In The Succah: David Moster

Rabbi David Moster, one of the foremost etrog experts, explores the etrog's most pressing mysteries.

Women's Hakafot

Monday, October 21, 6:30PM

On the evening of Simhat Torah, a parallel Hakafot ceremony for women is held in the Small Synagogue, accompanied by a choir of...

Portuguese Citizenship for Sephardic Jews

Thursday, November 7, 7:00PM

Rita Mayer Jardim, a Lisbon-based lawyer specializing in the path to Portuguese citizenship, will return to our Congregation to...

Shabbaton To Newport, RI

Friday, November 8

Come with us to Newport where we will join our friends of Congregation Jeshuat Israel for a full Shabbat experience at the Touro...

Welcome to Congregation Shearith Israel, America's first Jewish congregation, founded in 1654 by 23 Jews of Spanish and Portuguese descent.  Today, Jews of all backgrounds make up our welcoming, traditional community. Explore this site, and then visit the synagogue to experience the beauty and vitality of this Jewish and American treasure.

Prayer Schedule

Sunday Morning Service - October 13, 2019, Eve of Succot

  • Sunday Morning

    Shahrit 8:00am

Eve & 1st Day of Succot October 13-14, 2019 [First Day of Yom Tob]

  • Sunday Eve

    Candle Lighing 6:01pm
    Minhah & Arbit 6:00pm
    Sunset 6:19pm
    Kiddush in Elias Room Succah 6:45pm
    Zemirot 8:15am
    Shahrit & Hallel 9:00am
    Torah Service 10:00am
    Musaf & Hoshaanot 10:45-11:30am
    Conclusion & Sermon 11:30am-12:00pm
    Kiddush in Elias Room Succah 12:00pm

Succot, Second Day [Yom Tob] - Eve of & Daytime - October 14-15, 2019

  • Monday Evening

    Minhah & Arbit 6:00pm
    Sunset 6:17pm
    Candle Lighing after 6:38pm
    Kiddush in Elias Room Succah 6:45pm
    Tuesday Morning
    Zemirot 8:15 am
    Shahrit & Hallel 9:00 am
    Torah Service 10:00 am
    Musaf & Hoshaanot 10:45 - 11:30 am
    Conclusion & Sermon 11:30 am - 12:00 pm
    Kiddush in Elias Room Succah 12:00 pm
    Tuesday Evening
    Tuesday Minhah & Arbit 6:00pm
    Tuesday Sunset 6:16pm
    Habdalah, End of Yom Tob 6:36pm

Succot, Hol HaMoed, Intermediate Weekdays - October 16-18, 2019

  • Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday Mornings

    Shahrit, Musaf & Hashaanot 7:15am
    Breakfast in Succah 8:15am
    Wednesday & Thursday Evenings
    Minhah & Arbit 6:00pm

Shabbat Hol HaMoed Succot Oct. 18-19, 2019

  • Friday Evening 

    Candle Lighting before 5:53pm
    Minhah & Arbit 6:00pm
    Sunset 6:11pm
    Kiddush in Succah 6:45pm
    Saturday Morning
    Zemirot 8:15 am
    Shahrit 9:00 am
    Musaf & Shabbat Hoshaana 10:45 - 11:30 am
    Conclusion & Sermon 11:30am - 12:00 pm
    Kiddush in Elias Room Succah 12:00 pm
    Saturday Evening
    Seuda Shelishit & Class Cancelled
    Saturday Evening Minhah & Arbit 5:45pm
    Saturday Sunset 6:10pm
    Habdalah 6:41pm

Succot, Hoshaana Rabbah, Eve of & Daytime - October 19-20, 2019

  • Saturday Late Evening

    Mishmarah-Tikkun & Special Class
    [Held in Elias Room Succah] 9:00pm
    Zemirot 8:00am
    Shahrit & Hallel 8:30am
    Torah Service 9:00am
    Musaf, Hoshaanot, Shofar 9:35-10:15am
    Service Conclusion 10:15-10:30am
    Breakfast in Elias Room Succah 10:30am