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Az Yashir Moshe - Shabbat Zemirot

Sung by Rev. Abraham Lopes Cardozo

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The Song of the Sea - Shirat haYam - is a biblical poem appearing at Exodus 15:1.  It recalls the rejoicing of the Israelites after having miraculously passed through the Sea during their flight from Egypt.  It is recited daily as part of the morning service.  On Sabbaths, Holidays, and, other occastions, it is sung to the traditional melody presented here.   The Shirah is sung here by Reverend Abraham Lopes Cardozo, of blessed memory, Hazzan of the congregation from 1945 - 1990.


This recording was originally made in 1959 through the Tarry Memorial Fund of the Shearith Israel League.  It was re-released as part of 3 CD set produced by the League in 2003.  The Shearith Israel League is the civic and social arm of the congregation.  This set is available for purchase at our online store, or, by contacting the Synagogue office. 

Gershom Mendes Seixas

Gershom Mendes Seixas (1745-1816) was the first American-born spiritual leader of Shearith Israel.

Twenty First Street Cemetery

In August of 1829, Shearith Israel’s third cemetery was consecrated.  It was located on Twenty First Street just west of Sixth Avenue