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5781 Schedule & Our High Holiday Traditions


Schedule for Rosh HaShana 5781




Rev. Z Edinger's Hashcaba Service | Zoom | 4:30 pm

Rabbi Soloveichik's Rosh HaShana Sermon | Conference Call | 5:00 pm

Ahot Ketana | Zoom | 5:30 pm 

Rosh HaShana Candle Lighting | 6:41 pm

Evening Services | Main Sanctuary and Manhattan Day School | 6:30 pm





Morning Services | Main Sanctuary and MDS | 9:00 am 

Torah Reading & Haftara | 9:50 am

Musaf | 10:30 am 


Afternoon Holiday Toddler Program | for pre-registered toddlers & caregivers | Ages 0-4 |  4:30-5:30 pm | Central Park


Evening Services | Main Sanctuary ONLY | 6:30 pm

Candle Lighting  | AFTER 7:32 pm





Morning Services | Main Sanctuary and MDS | 9:00 am 

Torah Reading & Haftara  | 9:45 am

Shofar | 10:10 am

Musaf | 10:30 am


Outdoor Communal Shofar Blowing | Street Closure near 2 West 70th Street | 12:00 pm


Evening Services | Main Sanctuary ONLY | 6:30 pm

Habdala | 7:18 pm


Schedule for the Fast of Gedalia, Monday, September 21


Fast Begins | 5:21 am
Morning Services* | Portico | 7:15 am
Minha (with tefillin), Arbit, & Selihot* | Main Sanctuary | 6:00 pm
Fast Ends | 7:16 pm
*Pre-registration and approval required. To request a spot, click here.


Schedule for Shabbat Teshuba


Friday Evening, September 25

Candle Lighting | 6:29 pm

Evening Services | Main Sanctuary | 6:30 pm 


Shabbat, September 26

Morning Services | Main Sanctuary | 9:00 am

Minha, Arbit & Selihot Services | Main Sanctuary | 6:20 pm

Habdala | 7:19 pm


Schedule for Kippur



Special Morning Selihot Service | Main Sanctuary & Zoom | 7:15 am

Shahrit Service | 8:00 am

Rabbi Soloveichik’s Pre-Kippur Sermon | Conference Call | Time TBA

Rev. Z Edinger’s Hashcaba Service | Zoom | Time TBA

Special Early Minha Service | 1:30 pm

Virtual and In-Person Kal Nidre Service | 6:15pm  


Candle Lighting | 6:26pm

Fast Begins | before sunset 6:44pm


Evening Services | Following Kal Nidre, 6:45 pm




(All services in the Main Sanctuary and at MDS)


Shahrit | 9:00 am

Torah Service | 10:00am

Musaf | 10:30am-12:30pm


Minha | 5:00pm

Neilah Service | 6:20pm

Sunset | 6:42pm

Shofar, Habdala | 7:13pm

Arbit | 7:13-7:20pm



5781 is, of course, not a typical year or typical service, but we are endeavoring to preserve as many of our traditions as possible in these unusual times.

On Rosh HaShana and Kippur, the sanctuary takes on a special aura of purity and holiness. The Reader’s Desk and Ark are draped in white. The Torah scrolls are dressed in white silk cloaks. The Myer Myers Rimonim, designed by a leading figure in 18th century congregational life, grace the Torah scroll from which the Torah is read on the first day of Rosh Hashanah.

The melodies which characterize the High Holy Day season are haunting in their beauty. While led by our Hazzan and choir, the entire congregation joins in the chanting of the prayers.

To highlight the solemnity of the High Holy Days, the Hazzan covers his head with his prayer shawl while officiating at services. He is flanked by two congregants, known as Seganim, who stand in support of the Hazzan.

For many years, Shearith Israel has provided a parallel service in the L. Napoleon Levy Auditorium. These services are less formal than services in the synagogue’s Main Sanctuary and include engaging explanations of the services.


West 11th Street Cemetery

The West Eleventh Street cemetery, the second historic cemetery of Congregation Shearith Israel, was consecrated on February 27, 1805.  

Twenty First Street Cemetery

In August of 1829, Shearith Israel’s third cemetery was consecrated.  It was located on Twenty First Street just west of Sixth Avenue