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Weekday Services April 5 - 7, 2020

5780 Sunday - Tuesday – April 5 - April 7, 2020


Morning Services [Shahrit]

Sunday 8:00am

Monday - Tuesday 7:15am


Evening Services [Minhah & Arbit]

Sunday - Monday 6:30pm

Passover Preparations: Tuesday, April 7, 2020 Search for Hametz Tuesday Evening

Passover Preparation 5780: Tuesday – April 7, 2020



Tuesday Evening Minhah & Arbit, 6:30pm




Tuesday Evening, April 7th

At night on Tuesday, (after sunset, 7:28 pm):

Search for Hametz to be Disposed of and Annul all Hametz in one's possession which has not been found.

Fast of the First Born, Eve of Passover

Eve of Passover 5780, Wednesday – April 8, 2020


Wednesday Morning, April 8th

Fast of First Born begins [Dawn] 5:02am

Sunrise 6:27am

Wednesday Morning Synagogue Service:

Shahrit & Siyyum for the First Born 7:15am

Hametz Restrictions:

Stop eating Hametz, by 10:48am

Make another search and annul any Hametz

which has not been found, before 11:53am

Dispose of any remaining Hametz, by 11:53am


Pesah, Passover, or Hag HaMatzot, The Feast of Unleavened Bread, is observed in the middle of the month of Nisan, around the spring equinox, commemorating the Exodus from Egypt. Hametz, leavened food, is searched for and removed prior to the holiday, and a Search for Hametz is made on the eve and morning of the 14th of Nisan. The 14th of Nisan, the day of the Biblical Paschal Sacrifice, is observed as a partial holiday and as the Fast of the Firstborn by some (attending a festive siyyum that morning obviates the need to fast), and by late morning all Jewish-owned hametz should be sold and hidden, or eliminated and nullified


Wednesday Afternoon/Evening:

*Erub Tabshilin Preparation by sunset 7:29 pm

*Erub Tabshilin: When the festival begins on Wednesday evening, the Erub in the form of some matzah and food prepared for the following Sabbath is set aside prior to the festival before sunset. See Prayers for the Festivals, by David de Sola Pool, p. 1.



First Day of Passover, April 8-9, 2020

Passover 5780 Wednesday Eve & Thursday – April 8 - April 9, 2020


Eve of the First Day, Wednesday, April 8th

Candle Lighting, 7:11pm

Evening Services (Minhah & Arbit), 7:00pm

Wednesday Evening Sunset, 7:29pm

*Erub Tabshilin Preparation by sunset 7:29 pm

Begin the First Haggadah, after 7:53pm


*Erub Tabshilin: When the festival begins on Wednesday evening, the Erub in the form of some matzah and food prepared for the following Sabbath is set aside prior to the festival before sunset. See Prayers for the Festivals, by David de Sola Pool, p. 1.


First Day Morning, Thursday, April 9th

Zemirot, 8:15am

Shahrit, Hallel & Torah 9:00am

Tikkun HaTal, inserted in Musaf 10:40am

Sermon & Conclusion, 11:25-11:50am


The Paschal sacrifice was consumed on the Eve of the First Day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread, the Eve of the 15th of Nisan, which became our two-day Diaspora observance, with a Haggadah or Seder Recitation and Meal at home on the Eve of the 15th and the Eve of the 16th. The Biblical Hag HaMatsot lasts from the 15th until the 21st, with full Festival restrictions from work in effect on the First and Seventh Days. In the Diaspora the fully restricted days came to be the First Two as well as the Seventh and an additional Eighth Day, Nisan 22nd. The Intermediate Shabbat has all of the restrictions of Shabbat, but the other Intermediate Days have fewer restrictions. 

Second Day of Passover April 9-10, 2020

Passover 5780 Thursday Eve & Friday – April 9 - April 10, 2020


Eve of the Second Day, Thursday, April 9th

Evening Services (Minhah & Arbit), 7:00pm

Thursday Evening Sunset, 7:30pm

First Day Ends & Omer Counting, after 7:54pm

Candles & Second Haggadah, after 7:54pm


Second Day Morning, Fri., April 10th

Zemirot, 8:15am

Shahrit, Hallel, Sermon, Musaf, 9:00-11:50am

Shabbat Hol HaMoed Pesah: Intermediate Shabbat, 3rd Day of Passover April 10-11

Passover Shabbat Hol HaMoed 5780 Fri. Eve & Sat. – April 10 - April 11, 2020



Eve of Shabbat, Friday, April 10th

Candle Lighting, 7:13pm

Evening Services (Minhah & Arbit), 7:00pm

Friday Evening Sunset, 7:31pm


Shabbat Day, Saturday, April 11th

Zemirot, 8:15am

Shahrit, Hallel, Sermon, Musaf, 9:00-11:30am

Girls’ Reading of Song of Songs, 11:30am

Saturday Afternoon Class, 6:15pm

Saturday Evening Minhah & Arbit, 7:15pm

Saturday Evening Sunset, 7::32pm

Saturday Evening Habdalah, 8:09pm


Shir HaShirim, The Song of Songs, is traditionally read during Passover. The teen girls of the congregation who take part are pre-assigned a portion, which they learn to chant according to the congregation’s unique cantillation system. The girls will chant after the Intermediate Shabbat Morning Service, Saturday, April 11th, at 11:30 am.

Seventieth Street Synagogue
Nineteenth Street Synagogue

The congregation's fourth synagogue was built on nineteenth Street, just west of Fifth Avenue.