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CSI Youth Purim Programming by Story Arts

Wednesday, February 28, 6:00PM

We welcome all children to the Story Arts show during the reading of the Megillah.  Heather Forest will do a dramatic telling of the Purim story and other Jewish folktales, accompanied by her guitar.

Parents are encouraged to arrive at 6:00 pm, in order to help their children settle in, and then make their way to the Large Synagogue in time for megillah at 6:15 pm.

Liz Rios and Yona Glass oversee childcare, but children below five years old must be accompanied by their own caregiver.

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About Story Arts:

Heather Forest, Ph.D. is the founder and executive director of Story Arts Inc. She is an award winning author, storyteller and recording artist. Heather brings World Tales to life in the imagination of listeners of all ages. Her minstrel style of storytelling is a dynamic fusion of storytelling, poetry, prose, guitar and the sung and spoken word.

Uriah Phillips Levy

Uriah Phillips Levy, the first Jew to be promoted to Commodore in the United States Navy.

Omer Board

Shearith Israel’s “Omer Board” dates back to the Mill Street Synagogue of 1730, and may indeed go back to the early years of the Congregation’s history.