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We mourn the passing of Muriel Hyman

Published on Aug 31, 2018

Wife of the late Alexander Hyman.

Mother of Joan Konas (née Hyman,) the late Myron Hyman, 

and the late Arthur Hyman.  


A graveside service will be held Sunday morning at 11:00 AM 

at Union Fields Cemetery.



Shib'ah will be observed at the home of 


Daniel & Joan Konas

35 Seaview Lane

Port Washington, NY 11050


Visiting Hours

Sunday - Thursday

 2:30 - 5:30 pm and 7:30 - 9:00 pm


If you would like to honor the memory of Muriel Hyman with a donation to Shearith Israel, please click here or call the office at 212-873-0300 x228.  You can also help support families in mourning with a donation to the Hebra Hased Va'Amet; The family will be notified of your donation.

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