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Sincere condolences to Mindy Lamm on the passing of her sister, Jean Kelman

Published on Mar 27, 2017

The funeral took place last week.

Shibah has been held in Queens until today.


Shibah will be continued on Sunday & Monday 

from 12:00- 5:00 PM

at the home of 

Raizy & Howard Baruch

130 Dwight Place

Englewood, NJ

Telephone (201) 894-0946

If you would like to honor the memory of Jean Kelman with a donation to Shearith Israel, please click here or call the office at 212-873-0300 x228. 

Chatham Square Cemetery

The oldest of our extant cemeteries is known as the Chatham Square Cemetery.  It is located in Chinatown at 55 St. James Place.  The land was originally purchased in 1682 by Joseph Bueno de Mesquita. 

Seventieth Street Synagogue