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Q & A: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Tisha B'Ab at Shearith Israel

Z. Edinger

Wednesday, July 26, 7:15PM

At Shearith Israel, we have a number of unique customs for Tisha B'Ab: The Reader's Desk and Holy Ark are draped in black, the evening and morning services are conducted from a special table-also draped in black-rather than from the Reader's Desk, the synagogue lights are dimmed, and the congregants follow services with small flashlights. The melodies of Tisha B'Ab are somber and deeply moving. Join our Shamash, Z. Edinger, on Wednesday night July 26 as he teaches about these and other S&P customs to expect on Tisha B'ab.


Crosby Street Synagogue

 In 1834 the congregation built a new synagogue on Crosby Street, between Broom and Spring Street.


Synagogue tradition associates this Hanukkah lamp with the First Mill Street Synagogue of 1730.