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Weekday Services, March 26-31, 2017

Vayikra 5777 Sunday - Friday – March 26 - March 31, 2017


Morning Services 

Sunday 8:00 am

Monday - Friday 7:15 am


Evening Services - Minhah & Arbit

Sunday - Thursday 6:30 pm


Rosh Hodesh Nisan [One-Day] March 27-28, 2017

Vayikra 5777 Mon. Eve & Tuesday – March 27 - March 28, 2017


Monday Evening & Tuesday

Services follow Weekday Schedule

Shabbat Services March 31-April 1

Vayikra 5777 Fri. Eve & Saturday – March 31 - April 1, 2017


Friday Eve

*Candle Lighting 7:02pm

Services [Minhah & Arbit] 6:45pm

*NOTE: 18 minutes or somewhat less before sunset is the latest time to light Shabbat candles if one is staying home. However, when synagogue services are scheduled early, including all spring and summer Friday Eve Services, those attending services should arrange to have candles lit earlier.



Morning Services 8:15 am

Shahrit, Torah, Musaf & Sermon/Seminar 9:00-11:45am

Seudah Shelishit & Class 5:55pm

Minhah & Arbit 6:55pm

Sunset 7:21pm

Habdalah 7:57pm

Chatham Square Cemetery

The oldest of our extant cemeteries is known as the Chatham Square Cemetery.  It is located in Chinatown at 55 St. James Place.  The land was originally purchased in 1682 by Joseph Bueno de Mesquita. 

Crosby Street Synagogue

 In 1834 the congregation built a new synagogue on Crosby Street, between Broom and Spring Street.